Owen Zupp, The Pilatus PC-21


From nearly four decades as a pilot and through his years as a paramedic, Owen has observed leadership, teamwork and decision making under some of the most time-critical and difficult situations you can imagine. Even so, he believes that the skills that allow us to perform under pressure are the very same skills that we can employ in everyday life, business and relationships. For Owen, the key lies in simplicity – the breaking down of seemingly complex challenges into simple processes.

To Owen, these concepts are not simply words to motivate, they are the cornerstones of his life and career. Authenticity is key within Owen’s values in relaying his message and techniques from real-life experience.

Personally, Owen has enjoyed a fascinating journey since his beginnings in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia. In activities ranging from completing a solo flight around Australia in a light aircraft to raise funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service, to playing cricket in the grounds of an English Castle, Owen has seen the world from many angles. He has trained others to fly and written technical pieces in a detailed but relaxed style for magazines around the world. And again, the communication skills that have introduced a novice pilot to the skies or placed a first-time reader in the pilot’s seat, are the same skills that can be overlayed to our daily lives.

Owen Zupp, My life of flight
Owen Zupp, Without Precedent book signing

And when, in his own career, fate found him unemployed through the collapse of his airline, Owen fought back – not only reigniting his airline career but winning awards for journalism, achieving a Masters Degree, speaking at the National Press Club and authoring books that have been read and acclaimed around the world.

From achieving clarity under pressure or working in small teams under trying environments, Owen is always enthusiastic to share simple, actionable steps through his words, both on the page and from the stage as a keynote speaker.