Aerospace Futures. By Owen Zupp.

Aerospace Futures Cover One

Aerospace Futures. 

In a time of downturn, it is a positive experience to be involved in something that is disrupting the status quo.

“Aerospace Futures” magazine has brought together an incredible team of award-winning aviation and aerospace writers to look beyond the day-to-day. From rocketry and space to human factors and aerial firefighting technology, the magazine reaches beyond the pandemic to investigate the people, ideas and technologies that are on the rise.

Australian designed and delivered, the focus is on our own backyard – the Indo-Pacific region – where so much is happening and our geography has so much to offer, in fields such as the reach for space.

While I may not be flying for an airline at this time, the opportunity to join the “Aerospace Futures” team and contribute through my writing has been an inspiration and a pleasure.

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