50 Tales of Flight


You will be moved as the magic of flight reaches beyond the cockpit to stir the senses and the heart … In “50 Tales of Flight”, the reader is more than merely taken aloft. The flight deck door has been cracked ajar and the canvas cover pulled back from vintage biplane in a book that is built from the ground up. From the alarm clock buzzing to begin the airline pilot’s day to the sound of silence when a light aircraft engine fails and all that lies beneath are trees and cliffs.

There are moments of tension and others of humorous relief to be found among this collection of stories from the author’s thirty years aloft. Interspersed are tales of other aviators too. Veterans of wars now passed and some who lost their lives pursuing their passion.

There are images of the sights and people contained within the words. In some ways this book tracks an aviation life, but in others it offers insights and inspiration; just as the sky itself does. For anyone interested in aviation, or just intrigued by this seemingly removed field of endeavour, there is much to be seen through these “50 Tales of Flight”. (256 pages)