Boeing 747 – Aviation Icon and the Queen of the Skies.

Boeing 747 - Aviation Icon and Queen of the Skies.

Aviation has a tremendous reach in so many ways. To many, the Boeing 747 is more than merely a means of air travel. Affectionately called the “Queen of the Skies”, its arrival transformed the globe and over more than half a century it has carved its own niche in the history of aviation. Now, as it approaches its twilight years, its popularity seems to be increasing rather than waning.

This was further impressed upon me by the number of queries I have received, both in person and via this website, that relate to the Boeing 747. Even though my aviation career has seen me operate around one hundred different types of aircraft – the “Queen” continues to consume the lion’s share of interest.

I have been fortunate in that as an airline pilot and aviation writer, I have been privy to some very interesting 747 operations. From flying over the Antarctica to ferrying a fifth engine beneath the wing, I have been able to research and share a range of experiences. There have also been charter flights full of aviation enthusiasts to raise funds for charity and sights to be seen from the flight deck to backdrops as varied as the Pacific Ocean to the English Channel.

As a consequence, I thought it was time to share these stories and put them together in one place, hence the title, “Boeing 747 – Queen of the Skies. Reflections from the Flight Deck” was born.  

The giant airliner’s global popularity was apparent the moment the book was released with copies being read in the UK, USA, Brazil, Spain, France, Canada, India, Australia…and the list continues to grow. The book’s popularity has even seen it catapulted to the number one “Best Seller” ranking in books on aviation.

To read the book, just click this link and get to know the “Queen” a little better.

Click here to read, “Boeing 747 – Queen of the Skies. Reflections from the Flight Deck.”



Boeing 747 5th Pod Taking Off
(Image: Keith Anderson)