Cherished Words.

Zupp Without Precedent

Dad, Jack and Col survey dad’s damaged “belly” tank that had taken hits from ground fire. (Korea – 1952)

An Australian fighter pilot of the Korean War recently passed away. He had flown with my father in those frigid skies and in recent years shared with me many tales of my dad in those unforgiving days. We had stayed in touch by email as his health took a downward turn until one day my email did not receive a reply. As I thumbed through the folder of our correspondence, I found the most moving and cherished words that I have ever received about anything that I have ever written. From his sick bed, he had read dad’s biography – “Without Precedent”. As someone who had fought alongside dad, his brief message still resonates with me today.

“Hi Owen,

What a wonderful book you have written.

I simply could not put it down and went from chapter to chapter in a state of amazement. What a life your father had, and I knew so little of this even though I would have said “Oh yes, I knew Phil Zupp well!” But of course, this was not true. So much, of great import was not spoken about even though it was of great importance and should have been a source of great pride to anyone. Such was the truly modest man who was your esteemed father. Congratulations on the way you have related this remarkable history and your skill, in bringing it to life in a most realistic manner is truly gratifying to the reader.

Last night, as I had just finished reading the last few lines, the nurse came into my room with my regular medications. She was startled as she realised I was extremely upset, with tears in my eyes. Of course, this was easily explained, and she joined me in some words of sympathy. I have been deeply touched by this life story, and immensely impressed.

Thank you, Owen, for telling it so well.


Cherished words.

Without Precedent Zupp