Do it Like a Pilot

Owen Zupp, keynote speaker

“Do it Like a Pilot” takes the reader into the flight deck.

One of the most complicated workplaces ever designed and operated by among the most efficient teams ever trained.

As a keynote speaker, Owen Zupp brings to life the transferable skills that make the flight deck safe, efficient and effective. Built upon the framework of his, “Do it Like a Pilot” book, Owen interlaces real-life events to demonstrate how sound communication, processes and people can improve your organisation.

With more than 35 years in aviation and 20,000 hours of flight experience, Owen has shared his message with businesses, social and sporting groups.

Do it Like a Pilot

Each day, millions of people across the world put their lives in the hands of total strangers to safely transport them in a dynamic environment at speeds approaching the sound barrier. For those passengers, to do so is an incredible act of trust, bordering upon a leap of faith.

Simple and concise – this book will explain these methods and offers a framework that can be overlaid upon your business, or your life.