Flying with my Wife.

Boeing 747Flying with my Wife.

Over the decades, I have been extremely fortunate in the diversity that my airline career has provided. From charity charter flights to viewing Antarctica from above and even the final flight of the venerable Boeing 747 after it completed nearly half a century of service with Qantas. Yes, I’ve been very privileged. Even so, perhaps one of the greatest conversation points still stems from the fact that my wife, Kirrily, and I have operated flights together as pilots….and no, our dinner conversation does NOT revolve around aviation. 🙂

As we have four children and always plan for one parent to be at home, flying together wasn’t a common occurrence – perhaps four times over the years. However, when the planets aligned and the grandparents were available, we were able to crew the Boeing 747 together to some very special places. San Francisco for New Year’s Eve by the bay springs to mind, as does Vancouver, where we flew on a floatplane to a lake in the mountains.

Boeing 767 Flight DeckOn the flight deck, standard operating procedures (SOPs) ensured that a professional, disciplined approach to our duties was maintained, just as it would be with any crew. As a couple, we had met well before our airline service, back in our days as flight instructors at a suburban airfield. In our airline, Kirrily actually holds seniority with over 25 years’ service, while I only came across from Ansett Australia when the collapse occurred a little over 20 years past. Her knowledge of all things international was invaluable when I migrated from flying domestic routes.

Having raised four children in parallel with her career is testament to her organisational skills. Consequently, the chance to share our workspace and some wonderful destinations will always remain a highlight of my career. As I reflect upon my log books, those flights with the love of my life will always hold a special place. Yes, I have been very privileged in so many ways.

Boeing 747 Family