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Owen Zupp, keynote speaker


As a keynote speaker, Owen Zupp is able to draw on his diverse range of personal experiences to tailor a presentation that strikes a chord with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

As a pilot he has travelled the world and witnessed all manner of captivating sights and challenging situations, from rocket launches piercing the heavens to his own close calls when things did not go quite as planned. His speaking style is relaxed, yet captivating, placing the audience in the pilot’s seat. And yet, aviation is only one aspect of Owen’s background and as a former paramedic, he was introduced to life’s stark realities early in his career.

Owen has also spoken openly about facing forty years of age and becoming unemployed in the wake of the collapse of his employer. As an experienced pilot he was told that he was, “Highly skilled but totally unemployable”. His ability to regroup and refocus saw Owen emerge from the career-crippling collapse more highly qualified and with a far broader career outlook that has taken him and his writings across the globe. His presentation of, “A Career Disadvantage – A Life Advantage” has resonated with many of his audiences.

Owen Zupp, keynote speaker
Owen Zupp, keynote speaker

Additionally, through his time as a paramedic and pilot, Owen understands the concepts of leadership, management and dealing with the unexpected from first-hand experience. Paired with his time as a flight instructor and author, Owen is able to bring his knowledge and enthusiasm to life as a captivating keynote speaker in company with tales from his journey, both on the road and around the world.