My New Manuscript.

My New Manuscript.

The past months of flight training and consolidation on the Boeing 787 has led to a dearth of time to attend to my other passion – writing. Now, as I ready myself to attack the keyboard once more, the choice of where to begin has been settled, albeit after a great deal of soul searching. Such choices are not easy and as I took time out to read the reviews written of my previous works, I was able to gauge what my valued loyal readers appreciated in my books. Even the fact that some reviews were critical was of value to me.

My first instinct was to mold my diary of the past 18 months into a readable form to detail the challenge of confronting my health issue and, more significantly, the task of recovery and my return to flying. A rough draft was formed, however as I perused the dot-points, I realised that it would be a labour of love to write at this time. And I didn’t want that – I wanted something that would allow me to be uplifted and lost in the process of writing. The digital backburner was calling for those words and possibly even offered time for them to ferment.

So, I have decided to write a book through which the process will give me the greatest pleasure.  It is a project that has been simmering in my subconscious for quite some time and one that I had started previously. I am going to share my journey of flight and the amazing experiences it has provided me and draw upon the emotions it has evoked. While the book will undoubtedly be somewhat introspective, it is my sincere hope that through a deeply honest account I bring more than just the readers’ eyes into the flight deck.

I had always felt it was premature to write such a book as my journey still had some way to go, however, recent events have made me understand that most of my log books have now been filled and far less lines therein remain to be completed. That is not a regret, moreso a realisation and a cue for celebration.

And so, the blinking cursor awaits. To my right sits a mouse and copious notes. Beneath my fingers awaits a keyboard with six keys worn beyond recognition. In my head and my heart there is a sense of excitement.

Chapter One. How Did I Get Here?