One Year On.


Owen Zupp One Year On

At the time that I last parked the brakes on my Boeing 737, there were two things to which I was oblivious. Firstly, that it was the last time that I’d park the brakes. And secondly, it was Halloween. In retrospect, the time of the latter was appropriate with that particular nightmare just beginning. I felt a little like the last 747 that we parked in the Mojave desert – grounded and with an uncertain future.

Twelve months on, so much has changed. I have recovered from my major surgery of last November to the extent that I don’t just walk but I can once again, run. I have been tested physically, mentally and emotionally but with the support of my wonderful family and friends, I have pushed through all of those potential barriers. From being a sedentary mass with tubes and wires radiating from all parts – some making deposits and others withdrawals – I am now fully fit and ready to fly.

Having been grounded for two years during the pandemic, another lap around the sun tied to Mother Earth was not what I had planned. In truth, I’m an earthbound misfit. Still, the time with my family has only served to reinforce my lifelong perspective that flying is magic but family is forever. As such, there are changes ahead for me but I am forever grateful to all involved that I am fighting fit and in the position of controlling my future.

My love of life has never been greater and I have so many goals still ahead of me. I have always been driven by the challenge and with a major life hurdle now in the rear view mirror, I am focussed on the future. Standby, it’s going to be great.

Cheers to one and all!