Plan B – Do it Like a Pilot. By Owen Zupp.

Stood Down – Two Months Down.

Two months have passed since the stand down due to Covid-19 and unfortunately, there is no flying on the horizon for the Boeing 747.
I have put into practise what I preach and undertaken a range of activities to avert any tendency to sit and mope. In many ways, thanks to all of the writing and research, I have never been busier. There has been home-schooling with the kids which has been a challenge on occasions, but even so, it has provided invaluable family time. Similarly, family bike rides, bushwalks and park running have been healthy and happy times.
While it would be wonderful to be strapping into an airliner again, there can be no complaints from me. We are all healthy and happy and we will get by. Our challenges pale beside those of so many around the world.
Yesterday, my latest book launched into the world as an eBook, with print not far behind. Titled, “Do it Like a Pilot”, the book takes the reader into the flight deck. In reality, it is one of the most complicated workplaces ever designed and operated by among the most efficient teams ever trained. I saw that many of the skills used in the cockpit would prove invaluable in other facets of life. And so, the book was born. (You can get it by clicking here.)
As restrictions ease, we must enjoy what they offer while recognising that they are still restrictions on life as we knew it. It will take time for any form of “normal” to return, but we are fortunate to reside here in Australia.
I’ll close with this thought. At any interview five years ago, where the candidate was asked, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Their answer was wrong. 😊

Stay safe everyone .

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