Stood Down Thanks to Covid-19. By Owen Zupp.


Stood Down. Thanks to Covid-19.

I know it’s tough but you gotta smile.

I know, I know. I missed blogging and you good folks reminded me in the thousands. I’m sorry. I guess that I have my reasons but not a valid excuse. The truth is that our house has been abuzz with activity. And not just the home-styled buzz cut my son now proudly sports.
One daughter has been deep into a book, another has totally remodelled an old airline pyjama top into a fashionable shirt and there has been a cook in the kitchen, baking up a storm. All the while, Kirrily has given the house a top to toe once-over. And this is the school holidays!
Not that school holidays look a lot different from homeschooling with online learning in terms of the home’s inhabitants. That being said, the iPad doesn’t chime ever 50 minutes to herald the end of the period or the school day. Nor is the rigid routine of uniforms and lunchtimes observed.
The entire household has transformed through this lockdown – as it must. However, that has not been a negative thing. We have been more aware of waste in all areas of our life. We have interacted more as a family, even though it is something that we have always prioritised. A family night of humourous “PowerPoint Presentations” came with a touch of sibling competitiveness but mainly side-splitting laughter.
For my part, I’ve been very fortunate. I have been engaged to undertake a writing project in an area that I love – aviation. It provides a very welcome income into the house of stood down pilots, while also keeping me occupied. All the while, I am learning and moving forward in a situation that could so easily bog down one’s mind with negative thoughts. I still feel connected and part of a team. And there was yet another bonus.
Along the way, I discovered an image of my dad. It’s from his time in Korea, in a time of war when he was called upon to fly 201 fighter sorties for the Royal Australian Air Force. In the photo and away from the frontline, he has ventured out with his mates from 77 Squadron mates and been tutored in rudimentary skating by some Korean kids.
The camera has captured the moment that things have gone badly. He has fallen on his backside. In the midst of war and a moment of potential humiliation, the camera has clicked. And the broadest grin is stretched across his face. Only the pistol’s holster on his hip suggests the severity of the times. When I first saw this photo, my heart warmed, and I shared in my dad’s simple joy. It was obvious that he realised that no matter how tough things may be, sometimes you just gotta smile.

Stay safe everyone and see you tomorrow.

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