Stood Down Thanks to Covid-19. Days Ten & Eleven. By Owen Zupp.

Boeing 747 and Stearman

Days Ten and Eleven. Stood Down. Thanks to Covid-19.

The Good. The Bad. And the Study.

I can’t complain about the last week, although some suggest that I have a right, too. Sure, Kirrily and I received Stand Down notices advising us that there’s no flying to be found on the 747 and no income once the annual leave dries up. However, in contrast, my Plan B did kick in and I received offers of writing work that I can do online from home. On top of that, my next book cover arrived back from the designers. These projects are all of great interest to me and are as enjoyable to contemplate as the degree of security that they offer.
And so, the plan was hatched. My study needed to be a workplace where I could devote many hours of the day, not merely the part-time hours between trips away, or those early, dark hours when I like to write. At this point, I must confess that Kirrily is the greatest organiser of all time. From fund-raisers to clubs and committees….and to my study.
I never realised how many years back the contents of our filing cabinets extended. Similarly, for years I have cut out my articles from magazines and compiled them into folders. Well, that’s fallen behind and in their place is just a pile of magazines. Tax receipts, certificates from computer courses in 1982 and even receipts from the Royal Aero Club for aircraft hire – it was all there.
So, hours were consumed, sorting, disposing, refiling and labelling. For me, it was like pulling teeth and without Kirrily, I certainly would’ve given up at the first cabinet. Now, on Sunday evening, we are 80% there and I grudgingly admit that my study is now a clean and efficient place to work – not that it was that bad previously.
Little did I realise, that I needed to practice a little of what I preach. Make a plan, prepare and execute. Without Kirrily’s persistence, I would’ve sat down with a writing week ahead of me, not having fully planned and prepared. So once again, it’s apparent that we can only ever do ‘so much’ on our own. As focussed and organised as we may be, having a family member or friend to hold us accountable and on-track is invaluable. In these times of uncertainty, so much is happening and changing on a daily basis that support is more valuable than ever. It may need to be online but stay connected and be open to advice. Even when we think we have it all together – it can usually be done better.
And the bad? Well, the news is reporting that the last commercial QANTAS 747 service just landed at Sydney. Kirrily and I are yet to hear that officially, but if it’s true, it is the end of an era for a great aircraft, QANTAS and our family. Farewell old girl – I think you deserve a tribute greater than this. I’ll start that now – in my clean and reorganised study. (You can now read it here)

Stay safe everyone and see you tomorrow.

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Boeing 747 - Aviation Icon and the Queen of the Skies.