Stood Down Thanks to Covid-19. Memory. By Owen Zupp.


Stood Down. Thanks to Covid-19.


When the weeks begin to pass and the curve shows signs of flattening, and within Australia, there is a real belief that our emergence from this pandemic is almost tangible. Still, we need to realise that this will be a new dawn and not the flick of a light switch. The new day will take time to reach its full illumination and will not necessarily resemble any day that has gone before.
Our world has seen many new dawns when light has risen from a period of darkness. The timeframes have varied from centuries that history books now label as “Ages” to turning points that occurred in a flash and a mushroom cloud. Each time, the planet and its people were changed. Politically, physically, emotionally, spiritually – the list goes on. Regardless of the nature of the change, there was always a memory. That memory may have different perspectives, but it was burnt into the global consciousness.
For us, with our current pandemic having differing impacts based upon geography, social demographic and age, that memory will again be different for us all. Regardless, we must manage the transition astutely and with empathy. Our progress needs to be driven by logic and measured strategy, not the impatient emotion that can be characteristic of our instantaneous digital society.
It is not a case of civil liberties or being prepared to die for freedom. It is more about asking what freedoms we are prepared to offer, possibly in the short term, so that others in our society may live.
As we move forward in this lucky country, it is about looking ahead but recalling those memories. Remember what strategies have allowed us to flatten the curve. Remember what our frontline medical staff have done and continue to cherish, encourage and reward them as they have always deserved. And remember that we are not pioneers, the world has emerged from the darkness before and we will again.

Stay safe everyone.


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