Welcome to the new website!


Hi and welcome to the new website.

After ten years it was time for a change as so much has happened through the course of the decade. I have released six books, moved through three different roles across two airlines and even added another member to the family in that time. Time flies.

Also, I am being asked to speak with ever-increasing regularity. In the wake of high profile airline incidents, such as Sully’s landing on the Hudson River, more corporate audiences have been requesting an insight into flight deck management, leadership, communication and the like. And so, I am responding to this with the new website and an upcoming book.

Short Thoughts” has replaced the previous blog with an eye to keeping it brief and to the point. This section will address the nuts and bolts – after all, who among us has time these days to read long blog posts? My books will be available for those who wish to dive deeper into a topic.

For now, welcome! And thanks for joining our community.