Where to Now?

Boeing 787. Haneda. Owen Zupp.

Where to Now?

For the last 14 months, I have worked towards the goal of returning to the flight deck. It was not the prime motivator, as my family and my health took pole position in that category. Nevertheless, flying again was a long term goal that was achieved earlier this week. But where to now?

First and foremost will be time with my family. Beyond that, I have always sought new experiences, goals and challenges – it keeps life interesting. However, the challenge of training on the Boeing 787 called for months of focused discipline and dedication. All other projects had to be put on the back-burner. I was fortunate that a book I had previously completed, titled “A Very Different War”, was finalised and launched at the Air Force base at Williamtown NSW. Otherwise, my writing was on pause.

Writing is my other great interest and passion. Giving order to random thoughts is cathartic and seeing a published work realised is a source of real satisfaction. The days ahead offer both the time and the opportunity to create new works as I visit ports around the world and this is exciting. The difficulty arises from deciding upon what I should write next – but it is a wonderful problem.

I have an entire file of possible projects but two or three stand out. In the coming days I will make that decision and turn the blinking cursor into text. With so much stored energy and anticipation, the words will hopefully flow onto the page. Only time will tell. Either way, being able to start the process once more is like reuniting with a long absent friend. They’ve always been there, it’s just that life got in the way.

I can’t wait.

A Very Different War by Owen Zupp