‘Without Precedent’ words from a veteran

The positive reviews of ‘Without Precedent‘ can be found far and wide on the internet. From Amazon to Goodreads and in magazines around the world. Such kind words mean so much and the fact that dad’s story is reaching and touching deeply so many people is the most pure testament to his extraordinary life. As a commando, fighter pilot and human being, he would be the first to admit that he was an ordinary man that was fortunate to have an extraordinary life – even if the latter was in many ways a function of his own persistence.

Every review is treasured, yet sometimes certain words strike an even deeper chord. I received an email this week from a fighter pilot who fought alongside my father in Korea. I think that I shall let his words tell the story.

‘Without Precedent’ words from a veteran

Hi Owen,

What a wonderful book you have written. I simply could not put it down and went from chapter to chapter in a state of amazement. What a life your father had, and I knew so little of this even though I would have said “Oh yes, I knew Phil Zupp well!” But, of course this was not true. So much, of great import was not spoken about even though it was of great importance and should have been a source of great pride to anyone. Such was the truly modest man who was your esteemed father.

Congratulations on the way you have related this remarkable history and your skill, in bringing it to life in a most realistic manner is truly gratifying to the reader.Last night, as I had just finished reading the last few lines, the nurse came in to my room with my regular medications. She was startled as she realised I was extremely upset, with tears in my eyes. Of course this was easily explained and she joined me in some words of sympathy. I have been deeply touched by this life-story, and immensely impressed.