My online absence from this website has been reluctant, but intentional.

After being stood down from flying for two years, my initial focus was on our family and the multiple roles that I had tethered together to see us safely through the worst of the pandemic. Then, a year ago, I was fortunate to be recalled to flying and underwent training on the Boeing 787. The ink was hardly dry on my licence when I was given the opportunity to train as a Captain on the Boeing 737 – a personal goal from when I first joined Ansett Australia nearly thirty years ago.
Consequently, my post-pandemic airline life has been one of study, simulator training and check flights. As of last week, the final check flight was flown and for the first time in years I have been able to catch my breath.

I will be far more frequent with my posts here at “Short Thoughts” and long-delayed projects can finally see the light of day.

Let’s get started.